How Much Money Should a SME Company Invest in Lead Generation?

Two, three, four or more people think better than one person on his own. That’s why brainstorming is such an important tool because it allows people with different experiences to contribute to find the best solution.

Do you want to increase your sales, but you don’t have an idea on how to do it? Do you want to run a better campaign than the last one but you don’t know where to start? There is a solution for all of your concerns. It’s called brainstorming.

Different Brainstorming stages

The original idea belongs to the famous American film-maker, Walt Disney, who made brainstorming a vital tool in developing creative concepts for this company.

The three phases in the process are:

Dreaming phase: Unleash your imagination without any limitation.

Realistic phase: Check how realistic your ideas are.

Reviewing phase: Analyse any negative aspects of your ideas.

There are four contributing factors to help you perform brainstorming and get the best result ideas:


1. Be in a pleasant environment

In every creative process the atmosphere must be relaxed and pleasant enough in order to unleash your imagination. Create a fun environment, away from negative thoughts.

2. Don’t discard any idea

A good brainstorming session is characterized by the quantity of ideas. It is important to write down everything that comes into your mind, regardless of their perceived initial viability. Later you will have time to re-analyse it, and re-evaluate your first response.

3. Try to focus your ideas

At the initial stage of your session select those ideas that are directly linked to your business and the objectives you want to achieve.

4. Record your ideas

Work in sessions to brainstorm your and record everything! Before, during and after the creative process new ideas will arise, so it is worth documenting all of them. Always record your ideas for further consideration.

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