5 Steps for Having a Good Relationship With Your Suppliers

Constant communication with your suppliers, making all the payments on time and transparency will allow you to deliver a quality product or service that fully meets your customers’ expectations.

The need for having a good relationship

Having good relationships with suppliers is a vital objective that every company should strive to achieve to be successful in the market. This will allow you to source purchases for your business, at best prices, improve your quality and achieve future beneficial supply arrangements. Correct coordination with your suppliers will produce a better end product or service, generating greater customer satisfaction and higher sales for your business in the long term.

The need for good relationship becomes even more crucial when companies rely on a specific provider. A good relationship will allow you to get you over your competition, to negotiate favourably and solve any problems related to quality, quantity, delivery and price of the products.

How to have a good relationship with your suppliers


1. Finding the right supplier

The essential step for a good relationship lies in finding your supplier from the beginning. It should most closely match your interests and capabilities. It’s not about finding the best and most demanded supplier in the market, but the one that best suits your needs. A good supplier will be able to engage with your company and know in advance what you need, before you even ask for it. It should also look at aspects such as speed, efficiency and the ability to solve last minute problems.

2. Showing a good impressionAspects such as punctuality, order, formality, behaviour and language used with your suppliers are key aspects that your company cannot ignore.

A good impression will open many doors. Even if your providers are someone you know well in business, you must treat them appropriately. To make a good impression, when negotiating, try to be brief by detailing the features of your products or services. Always show a positive, open attitude and seriousness for doing a business.

3. Meeting your reached agreements

Just as you expect your suppliers to be fast, efficient, with an ability to deliver the product at the agreed time and in good condition, you as an employer must ensure that the process of paying your bills is always done within the stipulated deadline.

4. Having ongoing communication

Every good relationship is based on communication. The same applies to the relationship with your suppliers. Having good communication should be fundamental for your business. This may include site visits, meetings or telephone conversations. Any problems with suppliers must be discussed openly. Always seek mutually satisfactory solutions. Communication should always be expedited by both parties.

5. Taking advantage of new technologies

New technologies should serve you well for in facilitating a good relationship with your suppliers. As a customer you can use latest technology solutions to check the status of your orders, estimated time of arrival, any incidents cause a delay in delivery and solutions taken in case of problems.

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