6 Steps for Managing Your CRM Prospects

Many entrepreneurs see CRM as a set of tactical actions and a necessary tool for promoting and simplifying successful, ongoing relationships with prospects and customers. This type of solution facilitates processes automation, better administration and management of your prospects and customers.

CRM as a great support for the sales team

In a team each person fulfils his function individually. Without a CRM system sharing data and status about your customers is not possible. If information is not available to everyone – mistakes will be made.

Your sales team uses your CRM system for easier communication and access to customers’ information in real time.

Using CRM will help you cover all of your customer needs by viewing their purchase history. Where your product has an expiry date give your customer a phone call offering a better deal on the same product. CRM treats each prospect or customer individually, helping you to manage relevant information effectively.

Steps for managing your CRM prospects and customers

The sales process starts from prospecting and ends in the aftermarket. CRM follows you through all the important steps in your business process:

1. Managing your prospects by planning the records

Manage and collect your prospects’ information. It has a strategic purpose and enamles you to contact your prospects in the prospecting stage for future purchases.

2.Tracking your records

CRM allows you to store information obtained in the above process and allow you to track all your records.

3.Training your staff

In all parts of the sales process your employees must be trained so they can become familiar with CRM and be able to manage all your prospect and customer data in one place.

4.Meeting with your prospects

When you already have your records, you will move to a new step of setting dates and times for meeting with your prospects and customers.

5. Developing your marketing strategy

All your collected data will provide you with valuable information and help you develop your marketing strategy.

6.Communicating with your prospects and customers

CRM will show you all the history that will help you efficiently manage your prospects and customers. You will have access to that type of information to perform easier communication with your customers.

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