How to add automated business intelligence to Sage 50 Cloud Accounting solution

Take your Sage 50 Cloud Accounts to another level


How can you achieve the benefits of an automated business intelligence reporting system that works alongside your SAGE 50c accounting system at low cost.

We will show you how to unlock the power of your information, lying dormant within your Sage database and transform it into timely and relevant business reports contributing to your understanding of your business. Take your Sage 50c Accounts to another level!

Thanks to our Sage 50c @spire add-on we can provide you with the solution. Let us show you easy is to access and run your business reports dashboards.

What is the @spire add-on?


We present @spire – a new solution for your current Sage 50 Accounting solution, that will provide and enrich your Sage database with customer and product based profit analysis and performance league tables with an ease of a click. No need to upgrade your current version of Sage, all you need to do is install and try out our @spire add-on  that offers many more business intelligence features that those available in your SAGE 50C.

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Two main concepts, when talking about Business Intelligence are:

  • data analysis at customer and product levels
  • consolidated company information.

Business Intelligence will help your company analyse the large amount of raw data, retrieving it automatically from your Sage accounting system automatically without any user input whatever.

With this raw data and the help of @spire you will obtain the information you need to make strategic or operational business decisions.


When we refer to raw data we mean data like sales data, market trends, financial results, etc. All these measures lie in your data. Make sure you can access it to gain advantage and convert it into valuable reporting both at a micro level and consolidated company and business unit wide.

@spire will ensure that the correct data from your Sage 50 Accounts is extracted correctly and successfully flowing to @spire, providing you with high-end business intelligence reports.

Beside allowing you with business reports add on you will also be able to:

  • Automated forecast creation
  • Query reports to extract ad-hoc reports on the fly
  • Manage your sales team through customer and product dashboards

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With @Spire you can have all your important customer information on one page, can get instant access with one keystroke

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Fully integrated with the SAGE 50 Accounts @Spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @Spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.


Manage your customers and prospects in one


Allows unlimited site and bin location stock management.


Integrated with Outlook Add notes to Customers, Products, Prospects and Quotation records.


Know who to contact today for an order and react faster.


Identify how and where to improve profits through optimal pricing. Improve your credit control.


Profile your customers
to make balanced sales and pricing decisions.


Forecast budgeted sales from your
Customers and Prospects.

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