Analytical CRM for Identifying Your Ideal Customer

The essence of analytical CRM is to measure and understand your customer’s behaviour and their reactions to different situations. Analytical CRM is the most crucial part of every CRM system; it helps you to know who your customers are. It is the intelligent part of every analysis.

Analytical CRM identifies different data trends that lead you to see patterns of customers’ behaviour, profile similarities and preferences.

Having an analytical tool with relevant information about your customer’s gender, age range, customer profile, contracted products, monthly spending and lifetime value is something that offers you an analytical view focused on your business and optimizes your decisions based on the attributes of your customers.

Every analytical tool seeks to predict customer’s behaviour and their interaction with your company. This information should be located and tracked through your CRM system.

“Who is the ideal customer for my business?”


This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur to boost your business.

Your ideal customer is not everyone!

Therefore, an ideal customer is a person who buys a particular product or service because it has found the perfect solution for his problem and also meets these 4 criteria:

1. He is satisfied with the product or service that has solved his problem or need.

2. He does not create a price problem if product fits the value it provides.

3. He recommends the product / service if the obtained result is expected.

4. He becomes returning and loyal buyer.

What helps you determine your ideal customer?


Knowing your ideal customer will allow you to create a specific value proposition for your products and services. You should always use all your marketing efforts only for your specific type of customers and not for everyone.

The primary objective is to define your ideal customer and develop your offerings in order to attract more customers with similar characteristics.

The second objective is to get rid of the customers who do not correspond to your ideal customer profile.

Knowing the personality of your ideal customer means you can appeal directly to people who are looking for your product or service.

An ideal customer is a key component to progress of your business.

When you understand your ideal customer and know what their needs are, you are able to develop your relevant marketing messages with greater impact on your business.

Analyse your customers’ most basic data

#1. Demographic data
#2. Preferences and habits
#3. Social habits
#4. Psychological factors

Remember the more information and data you collect, the easier it will be to connect with your ideal customers.

Depending on the type or quantity of your products / services you might have to define more than one ideal customer profile.

Creating your ideal customer avatar


customer avatar

After researching your ideal customer’s data, it is time for you to design the avatar of that person and create a profile of your most ideal customer.

An avatar is not a real person; it is actually a set of characteristics of many real people.

This page should be a summary of the main points about your ideal customer.

A detailed description should include a name, an image, characteristics, habits, preferences and other relevant factors that are defining an individual.

Using all the information you’ve collected in your research, try to be as specific as possible and avoid generalizing.

Your marketing strategy should be planned around people. Ideal customer is a representation of the person you are trying to attract with your marketing strategy.

Only when you visualize and define the profile of your ideal customer you can, with the right strategy, increase your sales.

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