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Become a partner and recommend @Spire Add-On for Sage 50 Accounts to your clients.

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An end to end business application providing exceptional functionality in Sales, Warehouse Stock control, Marketing and Analytics for SME’s using SAGE 50 Accounts.

Why migrate to Sage 200 Accounts if you can recommend and save your money with @Spire!

Learn how a partnership with @Spire will help you win new business and add value to your existing Sage clients.

Grow your consultancy

For every client you recommend to us you will earn additional income.

Grow your Sage consultancy

You will receive a monthly commission for every client that subscribes to @Spire. The client relationship remains yours and you are in full control of the client’s system.

Increase the value of your services by adding @Spire to your clients’ using Sage 50 Accounts.

Help your clients grow & cut high subscription costs

Focus on empowering the business and transforming your clients’ data into profits.


Spend your time helping clients saving money, identifying their best customers and improving their credit control using @Spire.

Instead of migrating to Sage 200, use @Spire to reduce migration and implementation costs. Produce profitability reports by customer and by product; create Sales funnels for your Prospects and Customers to produce consolidated company-wide forecasts.

Enable your clients to manage multiple warehouse locations

Be able to process stock and sales transactions across multiple warehouses.

Enable managing multiple warehouse locations in Sage

This is a significant benefit that allows @spire to overcome the limitation of one warehouse within the SAGE 50 Accounts system. By doing so you will be able to process stock and sales transactions across multiple warehouses.

Get your clients a feel for future sales performances

Let @spire offer you full tech and business support.

Get a feel for future sales performances in Sage

Focus on your historical Sage data! Spend less time on order processing and more time on growing your consultancy – winning new business and adding value to existing clients.

Join our Partner Programme today and see the value you can add to Sage 50 Accounts.

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