How Much Money Should a SME Company Invest in Lead Generation?

Lead generation for a SME with limited budget

In today’s interview with  Brandon Schaefer – CEO of a company called MyVirtualSalesForce we will be mainly talking about importance of including lead generation, sales development management techniques and successfully applying it within your business.

5 Ways to Manage Your Employees: Keeping everyone happy

managing people how to keep everyone happy

Why should you maintain a good relationship with your employees Maintaining a good relationship with your employees can be vital to the future of your company. Therefore you must learn to maintain a healthy, professional yet warm relationship to reduce work stress in your company and create productive, effective and pleasant work environment. See Original […]

Check 3 Benefits That a Loyal Customer Brings to Your Company

3 benefits that a loyal customer will bring to your company

Ensuring your customers’ satisfaction is a vital way to validate your company against the market, competition and future consumers. Customer satisfaction can turn into a powerful marketing tool; it can help you attract new customers to your business from personal prompting and word-of-mouth marketing.

How to Boost Your Customer Retention: The Importance of Loyalty


When you are asked what is the most important factor that your business needs to achieve success what would be your answer? Our answer would be customer retention. Those people, who consume your products, recommend your brand and services to friends and family are part of a primary structure that contributes directly to the success […]

How to Make the Sales Forecast for A New Business

How to Make the Sales Forecast for A New Business

The sales forecast is a crucial exercise, estimate of future sales – an expressed interest either in physical or monetary terms of one or several products for a given period of time, the company’s future lifeblood. You must include all your known key factors; how many products you are going to produce, how many staff […]

How to Manage Multiple Warehouse Locations in Sage 50 Accounts?

Monitor your stock across multiple warehouses

A lot of SMEs use Sage 50 Accounts and are constrained by the limitation of being able to use one physical warehouse to record their stock locations. But what if they have more than just one warehouse location? Reaction of most business consultants will advise to upgrade to Sage 200 Accounts. Sounds perfect before you […]

What CRM Contributes to Your Account Management

link between crm and accoutning

CRM (customer relationship management) is the generic name for support system to manage your customer relations. CRM helps you understand your customers better, attract potential buyers and retain existing ones. Collecting these objectives are described as “Account Management”. Account management systems are not all the same, but they share basic attributes which we will describe […]