Managing Success Through Business Analytics

Managing Success Through Business Analytics

The @spire for SAGE 50 add-on is an end to end software product that allows you to continue to use your SAGE 50 accounting package whilst granting you access to an additional suite of functions within @Spire, whilst keeping the key Customer and Product data in both systems synchronised.

Taken in the aggregate, the functions provided by @spire combined with the accounting functions of SAGE give you the ideal end to end solution for a sales oriented SME, from the recording an initial Prospect all the way through to Executive level business intelligence reporting of your total operations.

As well as providing vital pre-sale functions from Prospects, Quotations and Notes, @spire also provides sophisticated business intelligence functionality that enhances your understanding of the basic accounting information produced by SAGE 50.

This PDF – the third in our series – gives you a summary of the additional data analysis functions available in @Spire to create the insight into your operations that all Chief Executives and senior managers now require.