Managing Success Through Business Analytics.​

A series of Business Intelligence functions to transform
your Sage data into profits.

Product Based Profit Analysis

See product rankings based on stock and order amounts, invoiced value and gross profit.

You can access this League Table in @spire by clicking on "Analytics" in the header menu and clicking "Product Analytics" in header menu.

League Table

See who your best customers are based on sales turnover, gross profitability and average pay days in one table.

You can access this League Table in @spire by clicking on "League" in the header menu and from the dropdown menu selecting "League Table".

The @spire for SAGE 50 add-on is an end to end software product that allows you to continue to use your SAGE 50 accounting package whilst granting you access to an additional suite of functions within @Spire, whilst keeping the key Customer and Product data in both systems synchronised. 

Taken in the aggregate, the functions provided by @spire combined with the accounting functions of SAGE give you the ideal end to end solution for a sales oriented SME, from the recording an initial Prospect all the way through to Executive level business intelligence reporting of your total operations. 

As well as providing vital pre-sale functions from Prospects, Quotations and Notes, @spire also provides sophisticated business intelligence functionality that enhances your understanding of the basic accounting information produced by SAGE 50.

Why choose @spire


We guarantee to get you up and running with @spire within 1 hour

Live Sage Sync

@spire provides two way synchronisation with your Sage 50 Accounts

Ideal for SMEsh

@spire has an uncomplicated data set that meets an SME’s sales & marketing needs.

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