Produce your sales pipeline and funnel forecasts from data
held in your prospects and sales funnel assumptions.

Prospects & Customers

Take into account your sales aspirations – take into account how much you would like to sell, or what you would like your sales targets to be.


See prospects sales estimates by % ranking and by annual volume.


View consolidated reports with date parameters for all customers/prospects within the period.

Always take into account other factors, especially factors that are limiting the business.


Analyse Prospects with date parameters and see Best, Worst and Likely cases.

Exclude option

Option to exclude customers or prospects from the forecast

Why choose @spire


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Live Sage Sync

@spire provides two way synchronisation with your Sage 50 Accounts

Ideal for SMEsh

@spire has an uncomplicated data set that meets an SME’s sales & marketing needs.

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