How Does a CRM Add Value to Your Small Business?

Choosing a CRM system for a small and medium sized business can be a confusing process. All you have to do is just type the word “CRM” into your web browser is flooded with a huge number of available options on the market. This is a big industry!!

There are some well-known names such as Microsoft and Salesforce, which offer sophisticated CRM systems. But often those CRM packages are not suitable for small and medium businesses whose needs differ significantly from large companies.

Difference between SMEs and Large Enterprises

In SMEs it is easier to install a CRM system because of the fewer employees and it makes it easier to formalize their behaviour and make them aware of it, with much less resistance to new processes in comparison with the large enterprises.

Another thing to take under consideration is that the SMEs have a small structure with respect to the large enterprises, where there is a greater flexibility and agility to respond to changes in demand.

The ability to adapt it more quickly to customer needs is essential. Large enterprises present more bureaucratic processes and for that reason the process of implementation.

Finance is another issue. Your options are limited by the investment capacity of each company; It is easier and less expensive to get a loan for a large company than for SMEs.

How to proceed?

There are three questions you need to ask yourself in order to get the right CRM tool for your business:

1.Is it easy to learn and use?

It is vital to buy a CRM system that is easy to learn and use. It is tempting to buy a feature-rich system, but be aware of the features that each CRM has and their level of difficulty to learn.

If it is not easy to learn then you will have additional training courses. Training courses cost money and take time. In a small business they rarely have any of that!

2. Can I use it on my Smartphone?

Many CRM systems can nowadays be used online through your mobile browsers.

When you are visiting a client you have to be able to remember what was that you were discussing the last time. It is much easier to open your CRM system on your smartphone before and after the meeting. Ensure your selection has a mobile app available.

3. Is the price understandable and accessible?

Cost is an important factor and most CRM systems are expensive. Often companies charge you with a monthly fee per user and with the additional module pricing in case you need any extra additions.

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