How to improve your Sales order processing in SAGE 50c with the @Spire-Addon

The basic conundrum 


More and more companies using Sage 50 Accounts consider order process management as a necessary and integrating element within their supply chain.

Having a global vision of the development of their company requiring a constant forecast of demand, inventory planning and optimization of purchasing, management and production planning, are only some of the elements that must be taken in account so you can carry process your orders that helps your business being efficient.

The ability to monitor all your sales orders and their related management around the customer will add on this excellent order processing feature that you might have been missing in your Sage 50 Accounts. 

More specifically 


Are you a happy with your Sage 50c system but feel that your business has progressed to a level where your sales order processing is less efficient? 

Are you finding it difficult to manage your customers’ data in your Sage 50c system and there are improvements you would like to make in your sales order processing system?

If you had the following feature in your Sales Order processing would you be happy?

a sales order processing feature integrated with your SAGE 50c system that processed all of your sales orders and create an auditable trail accessible form any device 

 – the organisation and delivery through a multi-warehouse stock management module that showed you where all of your stock was located across your whole estate for quick allocation

 – a system that completed each sales order into a  sales invoice within SAGE 50c with one click without any manual input in your SAGE 50 c system – totally automated !

Your solution


The solution is the @Spire add-on for the SAGE 50C accounting system which provides you with a range of advanced features.

Please see these illustrations on how your sales orders can be processed. 

Clicking on the “Orders” tab in the main menu will give you an Order Management overview

spire order management filtering

You can search and find all your orders by:



• Postcode

• Order number

• Customer order number

Use our data filtering option and get this order management enhancement to sort your orders by the type of order.

 A simple click on a “Search” button will retrieve your order management data overview, where you can see all your orders with all the relevant order information. 

All the customer, products and stock location data is filled from your Sage 50 and other parts of the @Spire system.

Once you filter all desired orders and want to export these or create a new report you can simply click on any of the buttons that you can find below the main order management table and select the desired action. This will either allow you next:


View your order details 


With a simple click on a “View” option under “Actions”, you can easily view your selected order details and also print your order details as PDF.

@spire order view

Edit your order details


You might notice that you want to change some details within your order. Simply click on an “Edit” option under “Actions” and a new window will open. Here you will be able to edit your order details. You can add more products to your order, change the delivery details or leave a picking note. Once you edited all of your order details simply click on an “Update Changes” button and your order will get automatically updated and saved.


Send your order details via SMS


Our next great functionality can be found in the “Action” tab. You can send SMS to a person that is carrying your delivery for you. You can simply select your pre-saved driver name or type his mobile number, write message and send your desired message via SMS.

Send your order details via email


If you prefer to send an email of this specific delivery, you can do so. By clicking on an email icon within “Action” tab will give you possibility to send your order details together with PDF. 

@spire order emailing

Check our Features

Fully integrated with the SAGE 50 Accounts @Spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @Spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.


Manage your customers and prospects in one


Allows unlimited site and bin location stock management.


Integrated with Outlook Add notes to Customers, Products, Prospects and Quotation records.


Know who to contact today for an order and react faster.


Identify how and where to improve profits through optimal pricing. Improve your credit control.


Profile your customers
to make balanced sales and pricing decisions.


Forecast budgeted sales from your
Customers and Prospects.

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