Integrating CRM for Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 cloud is a comprehensive accounting and business management solution for small businesses which has achieved a leading positon in the UK as the go-to accounting system for SME’s.

However accounting systems by their nature are limited to their stated function. When allied with other systems within a company, they can combine into a comprehensive information system that can cater for the majority of needs of an SME owner-manager.

There are many and varied CRM systems available on the market. The key challenge for someone recommending a CRM system to an owner/ manager is not to over complicate the solution and end up with such a wide range of features that they literally don’t get used, either for a lack of management time or personnel.

The   @Spire add-on for sage 50Cloud provides an ideal solution by providing a wide range of simple features that together complement the SAGE 50 Cloud accounting system.

As a selection of the features available @spire CRM can provides:

  • Integration of Prospects with one click to convert a Prospect into a SAGE customer
  • One click processing to convert a quotation to an order and invoice , all updating you SAGE system from outside 
  • Quick import of Prospects and Trade Contacts
  • Automated Prospect pipeline
  • Prospects financial forecasts based on initial revenue assessments by Sales representatives.
  • Notes detailing action to track and manage sales prospects with integrated reminders
  • Definable reports
  • Individual and Group Prospect status reviews
  • Integration with Sendgrid to allow email campaigns
  • Email of Quotations facility with supporting documents

We believe that @spire offers just the right balance between providing you with data that is both relevant yet is easy to manage

You can In addition, you can use @spire as web version on any desktop or for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets as well).

Two-way synchronization of your data


The key to the success of @Spire is its two-way synchronization of your data between SAGE 50 and your @spire instance.

That is, key data such as customers, products, invoicing and stock transactions are continually synchronized – every 5 seconds – so that the data inside each system remains synchronized even in the event of server downtime.

Please access our website at https@// and dive into all its functionalities and discover your favorite one!

Check our Features

Fully integrated with the SAGE 50 Accounts @Spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @Spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.


Manage your customers and prospects in one


Allows unlimited site and bin location stock management.


Integrated with Outlook Add notes to Customers, Products, Prospects and Quotation records.


Know who to contact today for an order and react faster.


Identify how and where to improve profits through optimal pricing. Improve your credit control.


Profile your customers
to make balanced sales and pricing decisions.


Forecast budgeted sales from your
Customers and Prospects.

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