Let Twitter Be Your Best Customer Service Tool

Twitter – just 140 characters can act as a powerful and useful method of communication with your potential future customers.

This network, which has a global reach of 1.2 billion users, has different applications which you might consider using for your business. Twitter is known as one of the most powerful social media tools to use in customer service and the ideal social network for managing user’s inquiries: It has an immediate response ability that makes it even more effective than a telephone call or email.

See these next steps to help you improve your communication with your customers through Twitter.

1. Define the image you want to transmit

Like all important things in life, on-line customer support needs planning. When you try to empower the way your business image reflects in the eyes of your potential customers, improvisation is not always the solution to go with.

Ask yourself what image you want to transmit, how you want that your audience to see your brand. Do you want to be professional, casual or just remain funny? To achieve this you have to come up with tactics and actions. Improve your response time, adjust the tone and your message for each audience and the type of information that you are transmitting.

2. Empathize with your on-line Twitter customers

Train your staff to empathize with your on-line customers and make sure they are the ones who know a lot about your company, its values and your business.

3. Monitor your social conversations

Customer support is not only based on responding when someone complains, but goes way beyond that. It’s Important to identify the way you communicate about your brand. That is something that will help you portray yourself as an active listener.

A brand that conveys concerns and dedications is more likely to be chosen by a potential customer than one that does not.

All these conversations represent new business opportunities.

4. Measure and evolve with your customers

Choose the tools to use in order to measure your customer’s satisfaction. How many negative comments will you manage to turn into the positives? What level of troubleshooting will you have? These are only some questions that you need to ask yourself in order to see if you’re performing well.

5. Innovate and generate new tactics

Customer service is something that will always remain and you should not always use the same tactics and approaches. Although something worked in the past, doesn’t mean will work the same way next year. Always look at your competition and develop new ways to further improve the service you are providing.

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