How to Manage Multiple Warehouse Locations in Sage 50 Accounts?

Monitor your stock across multiple warehouses

A lot of SMEs use Sage 50 Accounts and are constrained by the limitation of being able to use one physical warehouse to record their stock locations. But what if they have more than just one warehouse location? Reaction of most business consultants will advise to upgrade to Sage 200 Accounts. Sounds perfect before you calculate the cost of that migration.

Is it really worth upgrading it?

What many companies struggle with is how maintain a level of inventory that meet the demands of its customers and helps them reduce costs and losses. @Spire offers SMEs an opportunity to have the functions, necessary to enable you to effectively manage your inventory whilst overcoming common problems, such as:

Common problems:

Difficulty in calculating the exact amounts of inventory when managing multiple warehouses, manufacturing and sales processes.

 Inability to control the amount of inventory per store to decrease maintenance costs of inventory.

 Difficulty to accurately calculate the amount of inventory needed for a new production and sales.

✕ Difficulty keeping track of inventory movements between warehouses. The inventory is lost or omitted due to human error, time differences or losses

✕ Difficulty managing inventory types in the same location. Problems can arise if there are different people in charge, to prevent loss and errors.

With @spire users can manage inventory classified by warehouse, location or process. Users can enter data related to inventory movement anywhere and anytime. Our software is in the cloud allowing you to see precisely the location of inventory, whether that is in a store, branch or an external storage, all in real time.


Precisely managing inventory at several warehouses, with no limit on the number.

Our system lets you view inventory quantities and your stock movements in real time.

You can search inventory reports of your purchases, sales, manufacturing or specific locations or all locations.

The movement between warehouses is automatically reflected in the movement of inventory. Therefore, the risk of errors due to omission or misplaced items is eliminated, subject to human error

Key features of managing multiple warehouses:

  • Stock actions – You can see history of transfer stock straight from the dashboard History.

  • Live Sage Sync – You can use automatic allocation of Sage transactions to designated warehouses allowing a full audit trail.

  • Allow multi-site stock accounting – a feature representing a significant enhancement over SAGE Line 50 with no limit to the number of warehouses.

Yes, you can manage multiple warehouse locations within Sage 50 Accounts

This is a significant benefit that allows @spire to overcome the limitation of one warehouse within the SAGE 50 Accounts system. By doing so you are able to process stock and sales transactions over multiple warehouses.

Manage Multiple Warehouses in One Place

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