How to manage your prospects in Sage 50 with help of @spire

One of the major difficulties that Small and Medium sized businesses face is managing their future trading prospects.

The @spire add-on for SAGE 50 c has a separate menu option that allows you to manage you trade prospects in the same system as your customers.

You can take advantage of the one-click conversion feature which allows you convert a Prospect into Customer – which will then create the same record in SAGE automatically – or conversely you can archive a Prospect and revive them at a later date. It is infinitely flexible.

How to can enhance your Sage 50 with additional functionalities that will empower your current Sage 50 version


This article shows you the mechanics of how to utilize the system to your advantage.

We will show you how you can enhance your Sage 50 with additional functionalities that will empower your current Sage 50 version. Let’s see how

Searching and filtering your prospects


Using @spire is simple and it automatically syncs to your Sage 50.

Do you have a prospect that you want to convert into a customer, but you can’t remember its name? Simply log in into your @spire account and click on “Prospects” in the main navigation tab.

 A “Product Search” window will open, enabling you to search for your prospect. You can search your prospects by alphabetical order or use the search box. Once you found your prospect click on a Search button and you will see all your prospect detail

Filtering your Sage 50 prospects

From here you can

  • edit your account contact details
  • manage trade contacts
  • add a note
  • archive your prospect
  • convert them to customers

Adding a new prospect


You have attended a recent workshop, where you managed to talk to quite a lot of new potential customers for your business and you want to save these into your @spire system.

Simply click on a button “Add Prospect” and a new window with all the empty fields will open. Take advantage and fill as much as information that you were able to gather about your potential customers here.

Once you inserted all the details, click on Add button and this new prospect will be saved in your @spire and at the same time automatically synced to your Sage 50 Accounts.

Add a new prospect

Advance search functionality


Clicking on an Advance Search button under the search box will show you all your saved prospects. From here you can also export your contacts – clicking on an Export button will automatically save a CSV Excel file.

Advance prospect search functionality

You can also access your archived prospects by clicking a button “Archived Prospects”. Clicking on a “Delivery Address” button will give you even more options to find your prospects.

Archived prospect functionality

With @spire we make sure your business needs are always running and up to speed. Try your free trial without any obligations or see a free demo and see how easy is to navigate through the tool on your own.


Prospect Import


Where you have prospects in an alternative system, such as Spreadsheets, you can utilize the Prospects Import tool which will upload the records quickly and efficiently.

Check our Features

Fully integrated with the SAGE 50 Accounts @Spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @Spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.


Manage your customers and prospects in one


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