How to manage your quotations in Sage 50 with help of @spire

Using Quotations module within SAGE 50C


Within SAGE 50, there is an existing module in which you can raise a quotation within the application. However where the entity is not a current customer difficulties arise as SAGE 50 c does not have a processing module for possible future Customers such as Prospects so it’s necessary to create a Customer adding an unnecessary management task if you want to do that.

Using the @spire add-on for SAGE 50C


You can avoid this unnecessary management task by using the @spire add-on for SAGE 50c.

In the module you can create a quotation for both Prospects and Customers in exactly the same way. You can convert a Prospect to a Customer with one click and create a sales order from a quotation in just the same way. Completing the sales order within the @spire system automatically create a sales invoice in SAGE 50c without the need for anyone to be logged in to SAGE.

That makes your sales cycle complete and linked to your accounting process and removes the risk of not

Using the @spire Quotations module


You access the quotations process from within the Prospect or Customer module, whatever is appropriate simply by clicking ‘Add Quotations’.

What information is included?

  • Details of the product being offered, goods or services.
  • Description of the product or service
  • Price per unit
  • Quote issue date
  • Logo, identification number and company name
  • Date, city and place of the branch or cost center
  • Name of the person to whom it is addressed.
  • Additional notes if required

The quotation is completed by completing the pre-set Quotations framework which is reproduced below.

pre-set Quotations framework

Preparing the finished product for submission


The quotation is produced as a PDF.  Making a first impression is everything so the @spire add-on allows you to configure the appearance of your quotation to match your company’s own branding which you set up on initial configuration of the @spire system.

In addition, you can further edit the presentation of the quotation by selecting the option ‘Edit Quotation PDF’ in the menu ‘View Quotation’.

You then email, print to company letterhead and other improvements, all designed to give your document a polished and professional look.

Current developments will deliver further improvements, such as attaching technical specifications, drawings, plans and other attachments that will all go to making your quotations a persuasive document leading to a successful sales pitch.

Managing your Quotations and successful follow-up


A Sales Manager will want to be on top of any quotations that remain pending. To assist him in that regard, @spire provides you with a comprehensive grid listing of all quotations.

You can access this grid by clicking on “Quotations” on the main menu shown below;-

Here you can see a quick list of all existing quotations with a wide range of information such as;-

  • Quotation number
  • Quotation type
  • Quotation for
  • Originator
  • Customer
  • Postcode
  • Total Price
  • Quotation date

Future developments will allow you to select the information you want to display in this grid.

Drilling down to an individual quotation


By clicking on the eye icon, you can retrieve any quotation.

Scrolling till the end of the page gives you the ability to add a note to your quotation, edit it, print it or convert it into an order. By clicking on a “Back” icon on the top of the page you will get to the initial page with an overview of all your quotations.

Editing or updating quotation details


By clicking on the edit icon you can update your quotation with relevant information and add desired products to it.

Clicking on option “Update quotation” will update your quotation and get you back to the initial overview.

Editing or updating quotation details

Deleting your quotation


Clicking on a bin icon will open a pop-up button, asking you if you are really sure to delete your quotation. If you are sure you don’t need your quotation anymore, simply confirm on  “OK” option and this will be deleted.

Deleting your quotation

Emailing your quotation


By clicking on a “Send” icon in the main overview you will get a pop-up window, where you will be able to introduce an email of a person you are wishing to send this quotation. You can also include a message and send it to your future customer by clicking on a “Send” button.


Emailing your quotation

Printing your quotation


Clicking on a print icon in the main overview will open generate a document with all the relevant information for you to print it and physically send it to your future customer.

printing your quoatation

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