Order a Happy Customer

Customer satisfaction has become one of the most widely used metrics for companies to measure their relationships with customers, and is the crucial factor in making predictions of future sales, It also allows you to to gauge the “well-being” of your business.

The core value of a company lies in its customers. To maximise that value you must address the challenge of how to keep and improve a customer’s sense of happiness with the products and services you are providing. A happy customer is a key predictor of a company’s growth and its businesses.

It’s all about satisfying your customers and being reliable. If a customer  feels happy working with your company he will come back to you and will recommend  you to others. The recipe for customer satisfaction lies in just three simple ingredients.

1 Align your price with volume perception.

Align your price with your customer’s perceived value of your products. Let’s take an example. Apple products are perceived by many as expensive. Apple has created that perception by its pricing strategy. Apple products are built with an unique design based on premium quality that is reflected in its premium prices. Customers are happy to pay these prices because of their perception of the value they are receiving.

2 Be honest.

That’s the only way your clients will feel they are getting what was promised to them. Too many companies often exaggerate the quality of their products or services in order to achieve better sales. What they are really doing is losing future clients. Once a customer believe you, there is little possibility he will return, and not only him, other future prospects will also be deterred.

3 Be specific and detailed in your product descriptions

The more you know about what your customers actually want, the better service you will be able to offer. If a customer has doubts or is experiencing dissatisfaction you must address those completely by giving detailed and specific information about your products. For this reason every company must provide the fullest details about their products or services, giving a customer the chance to make a fully informed buying decision.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful companies lies in the way they treat their customers. Companies that do not have a culture of outstanding customer service are on their way to failure.


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