Searching for data and saving it in Notes

The hardest part of managing data is finding it, and then saving it in a safe place so you can go and get it when you need it.

The SAGE 50c accounting system is internationally recognised as a safe and reliable method of processing accounting transactions and from them producing reports that help entrepreneurs run their businesses successfully.

The @spire add-on for SAGE 50 provides an excellent way to do such that.

Searching for information


To see the range of searches available to you, select the Search and Notes main menu option.

You can search specifically for information where you know the related area which is most likely to hold the information you’re looking for e.g. about a Customer, Product, Prospect or Quotation.

Alternatively you can search for specific information within an area e.g. by delivery address, by telephone number or by a general Global type search for information if you’re unsure of its source.

The system also allows you to select Notes into 2 categories, reflecting their level of importance.

The system allows you to record high importance notes as ‘Standing’ which are shown in red in the relevant page.

Less important and occasional notes are shown in blue and are known as Advisory.

All Notes can be amended or deleted.

search and notes funcionality

Notes as Reminders


Any note can be designated as a Reminder event which will require you to record the date of the reminder, the person responsible for delivering any future action and what that future action should be.

The person given the responsibility for performing any future action will then receive an automated notification of that future date and details of his responsibility.

This is a major feature of the system.

reminder report

Management Metrics 

Please review the following specific search results to show the wide functionality of these options.

@spire CRM feature automates the creation of personalized reports. In no time, you can group the data, synthesize it, analyze it and extract it in the appropriate format.

The ability to record the activity of e.g. your Sales Team in making contact calls and prospect follow ups is a major requirement where a Sales Manager is working to get the best out of his team.

By running activity reports from this Notes and Reminders facility a Manager can really gain significant added value form the system in leverages his team’s performance.

In more Detail


Please review the following specific search results to show the wide functionality of these options

How to search delivery addresses?


Simply navigate to the main menu and click on “Search & Notes”, which will open you a new window with next overview:


search and notes funcionality

Click on “Delivery Address Search” and a new search button will open up, where you will be able to search your notes by the delivery address. Simply type the address and hit enter – and you will get an invoice overview.

Delivery Address Search functionality

The search will identify every invoice that was raised for a delivery of goods delivered to the address selected.

Searching your customers by the phone number


@spire offer you with functionality of searching your customers by the phone number. By clicking on “Search for customer by telephone no”

This will search for all Customers, Prospects and Trade Contacts and effectively is your company’s telephone book

Search for Customer by telephone number

Spire’s Global Search Funcionality


Last but not least there is functionality of “Global Search”, where you can search by any word and get a comprehensive result for your selected keyword.

Global Search Funcionality



These features have been designed to reduce delay in finding information and getting it into use within your business.

It lies at the centre of our philosophy – to minimise the time you spend finding information and using it.

Our motto – @spire – using your data and turning it into profit in real time.


Check our Features

Fully integrated with the SAGE 50 Accounts @Spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @Spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.


Manage your customers and prospects in one


Allows unlimited site and bin location stock management.


Integrated with Outlook Add notes to Customers, Products, Prospects and Quotation records.


Know who to contact today for an order and react faster.


Identify how and where to improve profits through optimal pricing. Improve your credit control.


Profile your customers
to make balanced sales and pricing decisions.


Forecast budgeted sales from your
Customers and Prospects.

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