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Keeping Records of Your Small Business with Sage 50 Accounts

Sage 50 Accounts

How to keep the accounts of a small business?

Even if your business is small, you need to keep track of your accounting. Keeping your records on a daily basis is the best way to keep control of your business’ finances.

Accounting for a small business

When starting a small business, you must keep your accounts organised. This will allow you to gain control of your accounting requirement and will improve your decision-making and project your future business growth.

Why should I keep records of my business with Sage 50 Accounts?

Sage 50 Accounts software is simple to use and automates your administrative tasks.

It offers you:

  • Financial, analytical and budgetary accounting
  • Tax compliance
  • Managing your customer and supplier accounts
  • Customized statistics and reports


Small and medium enterprises are becoming more common. No matter how small the organization is, the importance of maintaining control of accounting will always remain important to ensure the proper functioning of your company.

With Sage 50 Accounts you will have:


Show negative items on Sales Invoices

Quickly & easily enter negative lines on invoices

Great when you want to show discounts you’ve given to customers


Enter invoices and payments together

When entering batch invoices, you’ll be able to enter payments on the same line

This removes the need to navigate to Bank in order to enter payments for invoices you’ve just processed


Full transactional detail in your most used screens

– See full transaction details within customer, supplier, bank and activity nominal screens

No navigating to financials to see details you need


Flexible Due Dates on Invoices

When using invoices, you’ll be able to over-write the invoice due date as needed – or set automatic calculations

The due date will be surfaced in lists and reports – giving you even more visibility

Sage 50 Accounts offers you the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime by linking your data to the cloud with Sage Drive. With access to the growing range of new Sage 50 Accounts add-ons, you can optimise your software to truly meet your business needs.

With innovative product improvements, you’ll be amongst the first to experience the competitive edge provided by the latest updates. Business has never been.


By linking your Sage 50 Accounts data to the cloud with Sage Drive, you can easily share it with other users. For example, a colleague working from home or on the move can access the same information as someone based in the office, in real-time. You receive one Connected User with Sage 50 Accounts.


Perfect for anyone who needs meaningful business insight on the go, Sage 50 Accounts Tracker tells you how your business is performing from your smartphone. By cutting out the need to wait for reports or checking back with the office to get key business information, it helps you make quick, confident decisions about your business.


By sharing your data in the cloud with Sage Drive, your accountant can access your data with their own secure log in, meaning you can both work on the same live data with no downtime. Stay accurate, up to date and on control on the go.


Balancing the books is an integral part of managing accounts but it doesn’t need to be a manual or tedious process. Bank Feeds make reconciling your accounts and bank balances simple and error free. Match payments and receipts quickly and easily, discard personal transactions, and spend less time on time-consuming data entry, giving you a real-time view of your cash position at a glance.


Everybody makes mistakes and there’s nothing more frustrating than realising that you need to delete and start something again. But that’s a thing of the past. You can now quickly and easily edit journals, un-allocate credits and payments and track which users have edited transactions. Meaning it’s never been easier to keep your accounts accurate and up-to-date.


The biggest challenge most businesses face is keeping a healthy cash flow. The best way to tackle this is to get paid faster by your customers and reduce the likelihood of invoices being unpaid. With Invoice Payments from Sage Pay you can do just that. By adding Pay Now buttons onto your invoices, your customers will be able to pay you instantly, easily and securely.

You’re also able to accept card payments over the phone from directly within Sage 50 Accounts. All payments you take are automatically posted into your accounts, saving lots of time. Businesses like yours who use Invoice Payments get paid at least twice as fast as those that don’t. There’s no additional monthly charge, you’ll simply pay a flat fee of 2.5% for the value of each payment you take.


Getting the right information when you need it is crucial to running your business. The latest version of Sage 50 Accounts means it’s never been easier to analyse data without the need to source it from various parts of the software or create workarounds. New columns and fields mean more efficient data analysis and reduced frustration.


Get more control of who owes you money and who you owe money to, without the need to move in and out of different screens. A more streamlined process makes it easier to get insight into your cash flow at the click of a button. Improved credit control, makes it even easier for you to maintain a healthy cash flow by reducing input errors, offering early payment discounts and allowing you to easily identify customers with payment issues.


It’s now easier than ever for you to find the information you need quickly with the streamlined way we’ve designed dialogue boxes. You can now work effectively without having to learn or remember what to do. It’s clearer, simpler and more intuitive to achieve what you need to.

Enhance the power of Sage 50 Accounts

The power to work your way.

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