What CRM Contributes to Your Account Management

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CRM (customer relationship management) is the generic name for support system to manage your customer relations. CRM helps you understand your customers better, attract potential buyers and retain existing ones. Collecting these objectives are described as “Account Management”.

Account management systems are not all the same, but they share basic attributes which we will describe in this article.

CRM and account management features

As your business grows, you must use an account management system. You will provide better service by effective management of the information in you possession.

Here are the main benefits of effective account management:

Management of contact information

You know in depth every contact entered into the system. It not only collects static data, but also tracks progress through the dynamic process. This gives you the information about what is the appropriate time to make a sales decision.

Customizing attention

Instead of treating all potential customers the same way, CRM gives you the basis of satisfying them according to their needs. You can then adapt your strategies accordingly.

It is about giving value to the communication that you already have with your customers and ensuring that you show them to retain their loyalty.

Integrated communication

With the implementation of a CRM, you must change the communicator philosophy of your organization by ensuring communication is completed between all departments, not just marketing and sales.

This way, you avoid the risk of duplicating work unnecessarily.

Process management

CRM helps manage your business processes more efficiently.

Account management involves effectively managing by capturing customers, analysis, planning, implementing strategies and evaluation of results.

Accessibility with cloud technology

Among the most attractive features a CRM system is its ability to access information stored on the system from anywhere on any device with Internet access, thanks to technology that works with the cloud.

At the same time, this provides enhanced security of your data.

Analysis and information in real time

There is a constant flow of information within a CRM system. The system stores data in real time and allows you timely access to it for making more accurate assessments.


You can also measure the performance of strategies and fulfilment of your objectives. The technology platform can track the indicators that you need to assess performance to make correct decisions.

CRM is designed to help you acquire and manage all the information you need to make correct decisions, develop trusting relationships, act at the right time and interact with your customers at exactly the right time.

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